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Prayer for Choosing One’s State in Life

O my God, You Who are the God of wisdom and good counsel, You Who read in my heart a sincere desire to please You alone, and to direct myself in regard to my choice of a state of life in conformity with Your holy Will in all things, by the intercession of the most holy Virgin, my Mother, and of my patron saints, grant me the grace to know that state of life which I ought to choose, and to embrace it when known, in order that thus I may seek Your glory and deserve the heavenly reward which You have promised to those who do Your holy Will. Amen.

(Indulgence of 300 days once a day — Pope St. Pius X)

Prayer to St. Joseph for Discerning One’s Vocation

O great St. Joseph, you were completely obedient to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Obtain for me the grace to know the state of life that God in His providence has chosen for me. Since my happiness on earth, and perhaps even my final happiness in heaven, depends on this choice, let me not be deceived in making it. Obtain for me the light to know God’s Will, to carry it out faithfully, and to choose the vocation which will lead me to a happy eternity. Amen.

san damiano crossSt. Francis’ Prayer Before a Crucifix

Most High, glorious God,
Enlighten the darkness of my heart, and grant me, Lord,
A correct faith, a certain hope, and perfect charity.
Fill me with understanding and knowledge
That I may carry out Your holy and true command. Amen.

Prayer for an Increase in Vocations

Lord Jesus, we ask You to send more servants to Your people. Choose from our parishes, from our homes, from our schools and colleges, an abundant harvest of apostles for Your Kingdom: priests, sisters, brothers, deacons and lay ministers. We pray that those You call may never lose awareness of the dignity and need of their vocation.

O Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church, teach all those whom the Master calls to say a joyful “yes,” as you did at the Annunciation. Amen.

St. Faustina’s Prayer for Priests

O my Jesus, I beg You on behalf of the whole Church: grant it love and the light of Your Spirit, and give power to the words of priests so that hardened hearts might be brought to repentance and return to You, O Lord.

Lord, give us holy priests; You yourself maintain them in holiness. O Divine and Great High Priest, may the power of Your mercy accompany them everywhere and protect them from the devil’s traps and snares which are continually being set for the souls of priests. May the power of Your mercy, O Lord, shatter and bring to naught all that might tarnish the sanctity of priests, for You can do all things. Amen.

From her Diary: Divine Mercy in My Soul (¶ 1052)