The Author: Charity Martin

I am a twenty-something consecrated virgin in the Catholic Church, learning what it means to “cling only to Christ” and to return love for Love. I am also an avid reader, an amateur opera fan and a terrible cook.

“Please pray for me to our Lord that, instead of merely writing something, I may be something, and indeed that I may so fully be what I ought to be that there may be no further necessity for me to write, since the mere fact of being what I ought to be would be more eloquent than many books.”

– Thomas Merton

* * * The opinions expressed on this page are those of myself alone. This page operates independently and is not associated with the Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana or any diocesan parish or school. * * *

The Blog

This blog is meant to be, above all else, the witness of a vocation joyfully lived. For all our talk about “promoting vocations,” we often forget that the best way to do this is to introduce our young people to priests and religious who radiate the joy that comes from loving Christ alone. I hope that I can be one of those witnesses!

Secondarily, this blog is a resource for young people who are discerning their vocation. There seem to be quite a few Web sites and blogs out there with information on specific vocations: priesthood, religious life in all its forms (monastic, contemplative, active or apostolic), consecrated virginity… and yet there do not seem to be very many blogs about the discernment process itself. I have found some helpful information about discernment on the Web sites of various dioceses and religious orders, and I will reference it often on this blog (see the sidebar for links!); however, it is my goal to show no bias toward any particular community, spirituality or theological school. Rather, my aim is to highlight the most essential aspects of the discernment process, and to offer my own insights as I am able.

Nota bene: For a person who is discerning, no amount of reading, research or “personal prayer” can replace spiritual direction! If you are here because you think you may need to discern a vocation to priesthood, religious life or consecrated life, get thee to spiritual direction! (I am speaking from experience. I put this important step off for years. Don’t wait another day!)