“I seal my love to-be…”

Here is a glimpse of my Mass of Consecration, together with the beautiful poem that came to my mind at that moment!

Mass of Consecration: prostrate during the Litany of the Saints

During the Litany of the Saints: “All holy men and women, pray for us!”

Who knows what days I answer for today?
Giving the bud I give the flower. I bow
This yet unfaded and a faded brow;
Bending these knees and feeble knees, I pray.

Thoughts yet unripe in me I bend one way,
Give one repose to pain I know not now,
One check to joy that comes, I guess not how.
I dedicate my fields when Spring is grey.

O rash! (I smile) to pledge my hidden wheat.
I fold today at altars far apart
Hands trembling with what toils? In their retreat

I  seal my love to-be, my folded art.
I light the tapers at my head and feet,
And lay the crucifix on this silent heart.

– Alice Meynell, “The Young Neophyte”



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13 responses to ““I seal my love to-be…”

  1. Congratulations!!! You are always in my prayers.

  2. Agnieszka

    The photo is absolutely beautiful and full of poetry… It’s difficult to say what I think, because my English isn’t good enough, but this photo deeply moved me.

    • Agnieszka, your English in your comment is perfect! I love languages, and one day I want to learn them all – but right now I only speak English, Spanish, and a little French and Italian. How long have you been learning English? I’m so glad you like the photo!

  3. Cee

    Please post more photos! I saw the one posted on Sponsa Christi and I was so moved by it!

  4. Congratulations, Emily! Wishing you the choicest blessings as you begin life as bride of the Lord! Love and prayers in our dear Spouse. Therese

  5. Maryann Srbljan

    Post more pictures of your consecration. I had a simlar dress at mine. White with the blue.

  6. breadoflife

    The act of prostration is utterly humbling and beautiful to the human soul. There is no other humble place to be than lying on your stomach on the ground, submitting yourself to God. I pray that your vocation produces many graces and blessings and that you receive all the happiness God has promised in this life and the next. 🙂

  7. Sr. Clare Benedicta COS~CAM

    May our dear Lord bless you richly with his grace as you travel on the path He has called you to. You are in my prayers daily just as Clare is your patroness she is my namesake as well as Benedicta the second abbess following Clare.

  8. Sue (Consecrated Virgin, Wisconsin)

    Congratulations!!!!! Praise be Jesus for your Yes!

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