Seven days in the desert…

Well, it isn’t exactly the “desert,” but it is pretty warm down here in the Louisiana countryside!

In just 14 days, I will be a bride of Christ! Tonight I begin a week-long silent retreat in preparation for my Consecration on the Feast of the Immaculate Heart. I would be deeply grateful for any prayers or sacrifices you could offer for me during my retreat. Pray especially that I could be docile enough to allow God to do all that He wills to do in my heart before I take His Son as my Spouse for life.

Seven days alone with our Lord… What a grace! What a gift!



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3 responses to “Seven days in the desert…

  1. Elizabeth Williams

    So…how was your desert time, and did you make your Final Vows? Are you in a particular religious order, or a consecrated? I trust that God, having chosen you, has Blessed you with His protecting arms, accepted your vows and you are living in true Happiness, at least as happy as one can be in this life. If you have, I congratulate you on your decision, if not, I pray that your decision takes you into His Arms and Heart into a path that leads you to Him. PAX

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