Stuck in My Head: Audrey Assad, Matt Maher, JJ Heller

I went to a fantastic concert last night with a really fun group of friends, and this morning I decided I needed to put in a plug for the two artists who gave us such a great show.

Audrey Assad is one of my all-time favorite singer-songwriters, and she’s coming out with a new album in two weeks! She played this song last night and explained how for her, it’s about the joy and sufferings of married life bearing fruit for the world: Let’s build a house with turned-out doors / So we can share what love affords / Pour ourselves out like wine we’ve been saving. Beautiful stuff!

Matt Maher was spectacular, as usual. This song is a few years old, but it’s one of my favorites of his because it’s inspired by St. Augustine’s Confessions – and you guys know how much I love the saints!

I also wanted to share this song by JJ Heller that really has been stuck in my head all week. I was asked to go speak at a couple of the Catholic schools in my diocese on Thursday as part of Catholic Schools Week, to talk to the students about my vocation to consecrated life and my experiences doing foreign mission work. I decided to make a slideshow of my favorite photos from the missions to share with the kids, and this was the song I picked to play in the background during the slideshow.

As I watched it over and over again with the different groups of students that day, I realized that I wouldn’t have believed the words of a song like this had it not been for the time I spent in the missions, as well as the grueling period of transition and re-adjustment that took place after I returned to life in the States. The Lord is truly near to us when we are brokenhearted and weary in spirit (c.f. Psalm 34:18) – and though we often have trouble seeing it as such, every suffering that comes to us is a gift from Him and an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the depths of His tender and merciful Heart.


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One response to “Stuck in My Head: Audrey Assad, Matt Maher, JJ Heller

  1. Ben

    Sure was a fantastic concert! Look up from prayer and the whole band is on – “Alive again!”

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