World Youth Day Pilgrimage, Part Two: CÓRDOBA

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Highlights of our five days in Córdoba:

  • Staying with host families during our Days in the Diocese. I got adopted by a “host grandma,” and she totally spoiled me.
  • Trying all sorts of traditional Spanish foods (thanks to my host grandma): tortilla española, salmorejo, gazpacho, paella mixta with little tiny octopi, and of course, HAM. (Side note: Spanish people eat LOTS of ham. LOTS. This article says that the average Spaniard eats five kilos of cured ham a year; that’s over eleven pounds!)
  • Spending time with the priest who hosted us at his parish. What a humble, gracious, holy priest! He’s part of a new congregation called the Disciples of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary that has a mission in Littleton, Colorado. (Any readers from around there?)
  • Meeting a consecrated widow at the parish and being “introduced” (via telephone) to one of her best friends, a consecrated virgin! (For those of you that may be new to the blog, I’m currently in formation to be a consecrated virgin.)
  • Befriending a few kids from the parish youth group – and being able to stay in touch with them thanks to the miracle of modern technology!
  • Getting to see the famous Cathedral-Mosque of Córdoba, a.k.a. the “Peppermint Palace.” (Can you recognize it in the photos above?)
  • Visiting a group of Carmelite hermitages in the hills overlooking the city that were almost 500 years old and going inside a real hermit’s cave! Unfortunately, there wasn’t a hermit inside of it… That would have been even more awesome.
  • Taking an impromptu “night tour” through the city with our families and realizing that after only five days in Córdoba, we didn’t want to leave! When we finally did pack our bags and go, there wasn’t a dry eye anywhere.

Córdoba was, in a word (or two): like home.

Click here for Part One.



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4 responses to “World Youth Day Pilgrimage, Part Two: CÓRDOBA

  1. Wow! Thank you for sharing your wonderful visit with us! Each one of the things you did sounds special, but to be blessed to be able to do them all is awesome! Also, thank you for the beautiful pictures! I did see the “Peppermint Palace”! 🙂

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