Pope Benedict on his World Youth Day experience: “I thank God for this precious gift”

Hello, everybody! I am back from pilgrimage, alive and well, still trying to get over jet lag and prepare for my first theology classes of the semester (which start tomorrow). As promised, I have lots of photos and stories to share, I just haven’t had time to post them. For now, I’d like to share a bit of the Holy Father’s reflection on his experience at WYD:

“I thank God for this precious gift, which gives hope for the future of the Church: young people with the unwavering and sincere desire to root their lives in Christ, to remain firm in the faith, and to walk together with the Church. …

“[T]he meeting in Madrid was, first and foremost, a marvelous demonstration of faith – for Spain and for the world. For the multitude of young people who had come from every corner of the world, it was a special occasion to reflect, discuss, exchange positive experiences and, above all, to pray together and to renew their commitment to root their own lives in Christ, the Faithful Friend. … For my part, I continue to accompany them in prayer, so that they might remain faithful to the commitments they have assumed. I entrust the fruits of this Day to the maternal intercession of Mary.”

The latest estimates say there were almost 2 million of us there. INCREDIBLE!

Mary, Mother of the Church, pray that the seeds planted in our hearts at this blessed event would bear much fruit!

You can read Pope Benedict’s reflection in its entirety on Zenit.org.


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One response to “Pope Benedict on his World Youth Day experience: “I thank God for this precious gift”

  1. Thank you for sharing that beautiful reflection from our Holy Father! It was great to hear his thoughts on his experience! I’m so glad you’re home safe! i look forward to hearing more about your World Youth Day experience! You were so blessed to be able to go!!! 🙂

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