Boxes, Boxes, Boxes, and… Bursitis?

My apologies for the unexplained silence on the blog these past two weeks! I finally finished moving into my new apartment last weekend, and I’m still recovering. Since the new place is only a mile or so down the road from my old place, and I didn’t really have that much stuff to move (or so I thought), we decided to do all the moving ourselves. It would have all gone off without a hitch, if Mom hadn’t injured her back, and I hadn’t done something to my right knee. (The doctor thinks it’s something the Brits call “housemaid’s knee,” or knee bursitis, which simply means I spent too much time kneeling down while packing boxes and scrubbing bathtubs.) Perhaps next time I move we’d better call in the professionals – or at least take care to wear back and knee braces!

Many, many thanks to Mom and Dad, Foodie and Dude (my not-so-little brothers), my old roomie Stella (who has officially moved to Austin and begun her brand-new job!), and our “moving men,” Kolbe and the Bard. For all your help with the dish-washing, heavy lifting, lightbulb-changing, box-crushing, air-freshening, vacuuming and window-wiping – I owe you guys big time.

Now all I’ve got left to do is finish assembling my bookshelves so I can unpack my library, and see about getting Internet at the new place so I can start blogging again. And I’ve also got to help Joan (my new roommate) and Foodie finish moving all of their stuff… after my knee gets better, of course. I can’t be going on a two-week backpacking pilgrimage to World Youth Day with a limp!

Thanks for sticking around, and thanks especially for all your prayers for me as I continue to prepare for my consecration. I promise I’ll be back for good, just as soon as I get a little rest!



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  1. Hi!!! Congratulations on your new apartment!!! I’m sorry that you hurt your knee! I pray that it heals up soon!!! You’re going to World Youth Day!?! That’s wonderful!!!! God bless you!!

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