Novena for the Pope and for Priests: Day 4

The Congregation for the Clergy is encouraging Catholics to participate in prayer vigils for Pope Benedict XVI as he prepares to celebrate his 60th anniversary of ordination on June 29. The faithful are being asked to pray not only for the Holy Father, but for all of the clergy and the entire Church. On Thursday, I began posting a “novena” of my favorite prayers for priests – a different prayer each day. Please join me in praying for the pope and for all priests.

St. Charles Borromeo was called the “Father of the Clergy” because of his tireless work for the spiritual reform of the clergy and his incredible talent for leadership. Among the posts he held over the course of his 46 years: abbot, prior, protonotary apostolic participantium, referendary of the papal court, bishop, archbishop, cardinal, prefect, apostolic administrator, papal legate, Vatican secretary of state, legate a latere, president of the commission for the Roman Catechism, vicar general of all Italy, governor (of several Italian cities), and protector of the Swiss Catholic cantons. He was also given what I presume were the honorary titles of “count” and “prince” and was made an honorary citizen of Rome. (Seriously – this guy has got to have the most impressive curriculum vitae I’ve ever seen!)

Stephen Golder, Body of Christ (These Hands Bring Me Jesus)

Stephen Golder, "Body of Christ" (

St. Charles Borromeo’s Prayer for Priests

O Holy Mother of God, pray for the priests your Son has chosen to serve the Church. Help them, by your intercession, to be holy, zealous, and chaste. Make them models of virtue in the service of God’s people. Help them to be pious in meditation, efficacious in preaching, and zealous in the daily offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Help them to administer the sacraments with love and joy. Amen.

Lord, give us priests! Give us holy priests! Give us many holy priests!

Mary, Mother of Vocations, pray for us!

St. Joseph, Guardian of Vocations, pray for us!

All you angels and saints of God, pray for us!



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2 responses to “Novena for the Pope and for Priests: Day 4

  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful Novena! I am sharing it with my Catholic friends!

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