To brighten your day…

Pope John Paul II

… and in honor of his upcoming beatification, here’s a beautiful story about Pope John Paul II from the blog Roma locuta est. (Thanks to Amy for re-posting on Facebook!)

These sorts of meetings with the Pope are typically very formal. There are any number of people who have been granted a private audience at the same time, and when the Holy Father makes his way around to you, his secretary hands him a blessed rosary, and he in turn hands it to you. At this point, one would probably kiss the Pope’s ring and say something heartfelt, yet almost generic, such as asking him to pray for you, telling him you are praying for him, or thanking him for his service to the Church. However, when Pope John Paul II approached, the priest couldn’t help himself and blurted out, “Please pray for my friend.” Not only this, but the priest continued to blurt out the entire story. The Holy Father, looking concerned, assured the priest that he would pray for his friend.

Later that day, the priest received a letter from the Vatican. Excited and curious, he rushed with the letter back to the church where he last saw his classmate. Only a few beggars were left, and as luck (or grace) would have it, his friend was among the few. He approached the man and said, “I have been to see the Pope, and he said he would pray for you as well.”

The man listened.

“There’s more. He has invited you and me to his private residence for dinner.”

To read the whole story, go here.

Pope John Paul II, pray for us!


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  1. Kim K

    How wonderful!!! I can’t wait till Pope John Paul II is beatified!!! He deserves it! My favorite and most amazing thing he did in my opinion was add the Luminous Mysteries to the Rosary!!! Wow!!!

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