Poor Clares of Lerma Form New Religious Order

About a month ago, I stumbled across this video of Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, O.F.M. Cap. (Preacher to the Papal Household and author of the fantastic book Virginity: A Positive Approach to Celibacy for the Sake of the Kingdom) visiting a vibrant group of young Poor Clares at a convent in Spain. Because the clearest versions of this video are the originals in Italian and Spanish, the one I’ve posted below is not subtitled. (If you really want English subtitles, you can go here – but I have a feeling you’ll agree they aren’t really necessary!)

Beautiful, right? Since that video was posted in 2009, when there were already a whopping 140 sisters in the convent at Lerma, the number of sisters in this community has climbed to almost 200! And that’s not all. Last Saturday, the “Clarisas” of Lerma officially became a new religious order.

Nearly 200 young nuns processed from their cloister to the cathedral of Burgos on Saturday [February 12, 2011] for the official establishment of their new institute of consecrated life.

Sister Verónica María Berzosa Martínez, formerly the abbess of the group, is now also their founder.

Sister Berzosa, 46, joined the Poor Clares when she was 18. She felt called along with the sisters of her community to establish this new charism, which has now been recognized by the Church as an institute of consecrated life.

Read the entire article on Zenit.org.



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10 responses to “Poor Clares of Lerma Form New Religious Order

  1. Kim

    Wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing! A time of blooming for Holy Mother Church!

  2. Marilyn Lastra McGinley

    Hello from New Jersey USA! Can you tell me if the lesu Communio sisters have a website and or email. Also, what is the medal that all the sisters are wearing? I would like to see if there is anything I can send them from the USA as a donation and or sending them a small monthly gift. thank you and blessings your way, Marilyn

    • Marilyn, I don’t have any contact info for those sisters, but I am going to investigate. I’ll let you know what I find out! God bless!

      • Marilyn Lastra McGinley

        Dear Charity!

        thank you for your response. I am sure you are very busy so I appreciate your taking the time to do this for me.


        • Marilyn,
          I e-mailed the vocations office of the diocese where the sisters are and requested whatever contact information they could provide. The complicated thing is that they’re a new congregation who have been provisionally approved, so they’re not technically a recognized religious community yet, and it doesn’t look like they have a Web site or anything like that… which makes it pretty difficult to get in touch with them! But I suppose we can pray and hope for the best.

          Here’s hoping!

        • Monasterio de la Ascensión del Señor
          C/ Santa Clara 6
          09340 Lerma (Burgos)
          Telf. 947 17 01 22

    • You can get in touch with Vanessa at vanessajusten_rs@yahoo.com.br she can put you in contact with Sister Ingrid

      Vanessa | noviembre 19, 2011 a las 3:52 pm | Responder

      Hola Florencia,
      Las monjas responsables por las vocaciones en Iesu Communio son: Hna.Ingrid y Hna Ana de Jesús.Tú vive en la España?.Yo soy del Brasil y voy a entrar en Iesu Communio.La monja que esta acompañándome es la Hna.Ingrid.Se quiera mayores informaciones,escriba a mi correo y si yo pueda,estaré pasándote los contatos.Mi correo es: vanessajusten_rs@yahoo.com.br
      Tienes que conocer mis hermanitas sí,son lo máximo!!! Un fuerte abrazo desde Brasil.Vanessa

  3. Marilyn Lastra McGinley

    Hi Charity!

    Thank you so much, yes I will be praying and I am sure since there are so many beautiful young professionals serving God one will know how to set up a website. 🙂 After seeing the you tube and watching WYD I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to send some sort of support or even purchase some of there cd’s to help. I will be praying for you too!

    Marilyn 🙂

  4. kflannery12

    This is wonderful! I am a student at Santa Clara University about to write my thesis on the recent rise in monasticism among youth. I will definitely reference the Sisters! If you have any other information that could help, please let me know.

    Peace and Blessings,

    • Hi, Kate! Sorry for the delayed reply. Many religious orders have seen unusual growth as a new generation, inspired by Pope John Paul II’s dynamism and love for youth, has grown up in the Church. The youth of the Church today want to do something beautiful, something radical for God! There are a great many news articles out there about this “vocations boom.” (You can find a few I’ve posted with the tag “vocations boom.”) As far as specific congregations go, I would definitely look at: the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia (Nashville), the Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist (Ann Arbor), the Eastern Province Dominican Friars (for men), and the rise in vocations to the diocesan priesthood in seminaries all over the U.S. Hope this helps!

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