Pope’s Christmas message: “God is not distant”

C. LeBrun, Nativity, 1689

C. LeBrun, Nativity, 1689

“God is not distant: He is ‘Emmanuel,’ God-with-us. He is no stranger: He has a face, the face of Jesus.”

– Pope Benedict XVI, 2010 Christmas message

Merry Christmas! I know I’m a little late… Then again, it’s only the third day of the Octave, which means that for Catholics, it’s still technically Christmas Day. Every time I hear a song that wonders what it would be like “if every day could be Christmas,” I always wonder: haven’t they ever heard of the Octave of Christmas? For eight days, it really is Christmas every day!

You can read the full text of the Holy Father’s Christmas message on ZENIT.org.


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One response to “Pope’s Christmas message: “God is not distant”

  1. Kim

    Thank you for sharing this information about the Octave! I didn’t know about it or just didn’t remember it! I’m learning every day! 🙂 God bless you during this Christmas Octave!

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