100 Years in the Priesthood

Twin priests in Argentina will celebrate the 50th anniversary of their ordination on December 18, ZENIT reports. When asked what inspired them to pursue vocations to the priesthood, the brothers cited several key influences: the example of a “self-surrendered, generous, and always cheerful priest” whom they knew as a child, a personal invitation (from a different priest) to enter seminary and discern a priestly vocation, and the prayers and faith of their mother.

“Once we had been ordained priests, we learned that our mother, in the midst of her bereavement at the loss of her daughters [who died in infancy], had said: ‘If God gives me sons, I will consecrate them to become priests.'”

The brothers also offered the following advice to young people discerning their vocation:

“They should believe that the Lord will not fail; He is always faithful! He does not abandon the task He has undertaken. We, poor sinners, can fail, but Jesus does not withdraw His love.”

Get the whole story on ZENIT.org.


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  1. Kim

    I love “He does not abandon the task He has undertaken”…my sanctification! ūüôā

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