Why another vocations blog?

The Catholic blog directory St. Blog’s Parish lists over 200 blogs written by clergy, seminarians and religious. Apparently, plenty of other bloggers are already writing about vocations… So why start this blog? Why now?

I have found that, once I’ve resolved in prayer to do something for God, it is best to simply begin — otherwise, I will waste countless hours trying to puzzle out why He has asked me to do a particular thing, feeling terribly frustrated all the while because His request was quite clear, and I know that He owes me no explanation. So, my reasons for starting this blog boil down to this: I think God wants it, and I think the time is right.

Some time this past year, God put the idea for this blog into my head. I took it to spiritual direction, and my director approved. Despite his encouragement, I spent months and months making excuses for myself and worrying about whether or not this project would succeed. All that time, my desire to do something to promote vocations grew and grew…

Then, the other night I was out to dinner with some friends when Fr. Wills began to tell Fr. Fields and me about his ideas for promoting vocations in our diocese. His enthusiasm was contagious, and soon the three of us were eagerly discussing how we might collaborate on various projects.

There was a sudden lull in the conversation, and the three of us sat grinning at one another — glad to know we could count on each other’s help, I suppose. Then I said something like, “God is going to do such wonderful things here in our diocese!” To which Fr. Fields replied, “He’s already doing wonderful things!”

His words went straight to my heart. God is already doing wonderful things. God is already doing wonderful things in my life, in the lives of Fr. Wills, Fr. Fields and so many of our friends — and those stories need to be shared. God has called us, and by His grace we have answered “Yes!”

We know He is calling other young men and women, too — but many of them are probably afraid of the call, as we once were. As I begin this blog, it is with those young people in mind. It is my hope that shedding light on the discernment process will help those young people to see that a vocation is always about love, and where there is love, there is no room for fear.

“To discover this call, this vocation, is to realize that Christ is looking on you and inviting you by His glance to give yourself totally in love. Before this glance, before His love, the heart opens its doors gradually and is capable of saying yes. If some of you hear the call to follow Christ more closely, to dedicate your entire heart to Him… be generous, do not be afraid…”

— John Paul II, Asuncion, Paraguay, May 18, 1988

For more info about the blog and about me, see my About page.

Mary, Mother of Vocations, pray for us.


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